Monday, March 23, 2009

Pot hole calling the rider chicken

It was our usual Saturday ride, left home at 0830 am to meet up with the rest of the boys at our usual rendezvous point Shell Bt 9 Cheras than later headed to Klawang. There awaits David patiently (not) on his souped up greener than Incredible Hulk zx750r p2 series and Sekhar on his thrusty awwww’ Burung Hitam..then “You F**Kers ahhh, make us wait so damn long one ahhh, you think we have all the time in the world mehhh, You F**Kers you.. You better buy us Breakfast!!!” the usual morning greeting. “Ok, Ok, Ok..I’ll buy breakfast only if you can keep up, got balls??? Then he’ll go aiya I tell to you ahh you know ahh my bike very old one, cannot jalan one heavy some more.. not like your bike la!! UUUU somebody complimenting me..Shut Up la you! Sounds familiar??

So until today the record stays where I’m still not obliged to buy breakfast…hehehe . On our way back the inevitable happened, a rider went down, down where? In a 2 feet ditch that is. What happened was all riders were so hyped up after playing cat and mouse on the way in into Klawang. By then our tires are nicely warmed up and so were the riders.

Unfortunately Watt K2 600(another Suzi rider) became the victim of a pot hole. Was it big? Nope, merely 3 inches deep ONLY!! Misjudgment that caused him to swerve and low sided ended up in the ditch. He landed straight into the ditch with himself still seated comfortably on the bike. What a scene that was. Luckily there was another rider (sightseeing pace on a RSV Factory for F**Ks sake) rode slow enough and spotted him. The rest of the boys were already far ahead. Robin attended to him then later went to get the rest of the boys who were already having their 2nd smoko.

So we rushed back to the scene. It took 5 grown up man to lift the bike out of the ditch. After final inspection no bodily injury, no trees fallen accept for debris from Watt’s fairing. So lesson learned, when in doubt give it a good gas.

The good news is that it's only flat at the bottom ha ha ha

He was here..

Team Suzi & Kawi strategizing on how to smoke the dukes

F**k I wanted to snap my bike

Hey Dave you look kinda wide man..


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